IRS taps Alabama Revenue Commissioner for Advisory Committee

Julie Magee
The Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday announced the selection of Alabama Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee for the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC).
Established in 1998 to provide an organized public forum for discussion of electronic tax administration issues, including preventing identity theft and refund fraud, the committee supports the overriding goal that paperless filing should be the preferred and most convenient method of filing returns.
“Commissioner Magee has been an outstanding administrator of the Alabama Department of Revenue,” Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said in a news release of Magee’s appointment. “She is a great choice to serve on this advisory committee. Her work shows her dedication to the people of Alabama and the security of their private information. I know her work on this committee will be beneficial to our state and the country as a whole.”

As state revenue commissioner, Magee is responsible for the operation and management of the Alabama Department of Revenue.

“As the commissioner of revenue, it is my responsibility to help ensure taxpayers can easily file income tax returns while protecting the process from criminals seeking to steal taxpayers’ identities and treasury dollars,” Commissioner Magee said. “I am honored to be a part of the ongoing efforts started by Commissioner Koskinen and I believe we will be more successful in the future because of the work done by ETAAC.”

ETAAC members will work closely with the Security Summit, a joint effort of the IRS, state tax administrators, and the tax software industry to fight electronic fraud.

Commissioner Magee currently participates in the IRS Security Summit.


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