Alabama pipeline leak causes gas prices to rise in many southern states


Across the South, gas prices are on the rise following a pipeline leak in Alabama, which has slowed the flow of fuel across southern states.

On Sept. 9, Colonial Pipeline officials noticed a gas leak in Helena, Ala. that has since spilled at least 252,000 gallons (954,000 liters) of gas in the remote area of Shelby County.

In the wake of the leak, neighboring states that depend on gas from the pipeline have seen prices at the pump increase.

The auto club AAA reports Tuesday that Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia have seen gas prices climb in recent days.

Ironically, fuel costs have risen less in Alabama as compared to the state’s southern neighbors as fuel is still available in the Yellowhammer from the side of the pipeline not affected by the leak.

Colonial Pipeline Company System Map

Colonial Pipeline Company System Map



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