This week in the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate: Sept. 26-30, 2016

United States Capitol_ U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate

It’s a busy week for both chambers as the federal fiscal year ends on Friday, Sept. 30 and Congress must pass a continuing resolution (CR) or other form of appropriations legislation prior to Oct. 1 in order avert a government shutdown.

U.S. House of Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to be in session Monday through Friday this week and expected to recess for the November elections once a CR is enacted.

On Monday, the House will consider several bills under Suspension of the Rules. A full list of bills can be found here.

On Tuesday, the House will begin consideration of  H.R. 5303: the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). WRDA’s are regular legislation that authorize federal water projects. This WRDA bill authorizes 27 new water projects for construction by the Army Corps of Engineers and authorizes the corps to conduct feasibility studies for 29 possible projects. It also deauthorizes five existing projects and establishes an expedited process for the deauthorization of other projects that are no longer viable. Additionally it modifies the water project selection process created by the 2014 WRDA and other elements of that law. It should be noted that the Senate-passed version (S. 2848) of the bill includes aid to help the city of Flint,MI, respond to lead in its drinking water.

  • Alabama co-sponsor(s): None.

The Majority Leader has indicated that additional legislative items are also possible for the balance of the week:

FY2017 Continuing Resolution (CR): The House expects to act this week on a stopgap CR to continue funding the government once the new fiscal year begins on Oct. 1. The pending CR is expected to fund the government through Dec. 9, provide emergency funding to respond to the Zika virus, and provide disaster funding to help Louisiana and other states recently devastated by flooding.

  • Alabama co-sponsor(s): N/A

JASTA Veto Override: The House may also consider a vote to override the president’s veto of S. 2040: Justice Against State Sponsors of Terror Act, which the president vetoed on Sept. 23.  JASTA permits possible lawsuits by U.S. victims of international terrorism against foreign nationals by narrowing the immunity of foreign states and their employees or agents from such lawsuits, and by granting U.S. district courts jurisdiction over certain terrorism-related cases. If enacted, the measure could allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi citizens for supporting organizations that helped those who conducted the 9/11 attacks. The bill was passed unanimously in the House by voice vote earlier this month. The Senate will act first on the veto.

  • Alabama co-sponsor(s): N/A

U.S. Senate

This week, the U.S. Senate will continue consideration of a 10-week CR. The pending CR is expected to fund the government through Dec. 9, one week before Congress is currently scheduled to adjourn for the December holidays.


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