Clayton Turner: Encouraging young conservatives to get involved in Young Republicans


Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, Senate leaders, and Attorney General Luther Strange are just a few of the elected officials who will be on hand to meet young conservatives at the upcoming convention in Birmingham.

Why would these influential state leaders come see us? Because we are the future of the nation and the future of the party. Many involved in our organization are already contributing greatly to the state.

The Young Republican Federation of Alabama (YRFA) is composed of Republicans, age 18 to 40, from across the state and we are looking for those with a passion for the Republican Party to join as members and leaders. Now is the time, as we come into what is sure to be a key presidential year and right as our state leaders begin to take on a budget crisis and tough policy decisions.

We have three goals, support and grow conservative candidates and push for conservative policies. Our functions include networking opportunities and the opportunity to just enjoy time with friends who you share fundamental beliefs and a passion for politics. I encourage all young conservatives to check out our website and consider joining.

Our membership is composed of individuals from 11 individual clubs, and include elected officials, political consultants, Montgomery staffers, businessmen and women, young families, college students, and excited individuals from across the state wanting to get more involved in the political process. This is an opportunity for those who are new to the field to build relationships with those who have been around for decades and for seasoned professionals to discover new talent, rediscover the passion of politics, and to develop friendships that go beyond politics.

Every two years, the YRFA hosts a convention where we handle the executive business of a large organization all the while hearing from various political leaders from across Alabama. This year, the YRFA Convention will be hosted by the Greater Birmingham Young Republicans (GBYRs) in Birmingham’s new “Uptown!” district with events Friday night at a Birmingham Barons game.

Among the highlights of the convention is that the YRFA will be joined by Alabama’s Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard at the Barons’ game. Hubbard will throw out the first pitch for the game, and there will be food, drinks, and seats available for attendees and, of course, a chance to speak to and hear from Hubbard while watching America’s game.

On Saturday, events kick off at the Westin with a legislative update from Hubbard and a yet-to-be determined Senate leader. This will be a great opportunity for attendees to hear from the leaders of Alabama’s legislative bodies on happenings within the Legislature and how Young Republicans can be involved and make a difference for our state.

The YRFA business portion of the meeting will then commence with the election of new officers, the discussion and adoption of bylaws, platform, and resolutions. Whether members of the YRFA or not, attendees will have a great chance to see the values of the YRFA members solidified into a platform and the discussion about the next two years’ activities and plans. By joining us at this, the ground level, you can shape the direction of our party in the upcoming elections and make a role and a name for yourself.

Candidates for Young Republican National Federation (YRNF) positions will also be afforded an opportunity to speak to the membership and discuss their vision for the YRNF. Fellow YRFA member and former officer Darius Foster, the choice of the YR Unite team for political director, will be on hand and will speak to his fellow YRFA members as well.

During the luncheon,  Attorney General Strange will address attendees on his ongoing work for Alabamians. Strange has repeatedly joined with attorneys general from across the country to fight the Obama overreach into our states so we are excited to welcome him as well.

Convention is a great time for new or prospective members to join in for fellowship and an opportunity to meet members from across the state and learn more about individual clubs and the YRFA. Those interested in attending should RSVP on Facebook and contact YRFA Chairman Clayton Turner for more information.

Clayton Turner is chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Alabama, a member of the Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee, a Jefferson County Republican Party district chairman and the assistant secretary for the Young Republican National Federation.