Luther Strange joins state AGs urging Senate to confirm Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions and Luther Strange

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange joined 24 other state attorneys general in urging the leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee to confirm the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General, when the confirmation hearings convene on Jan. 10, 11.

“Few positions are more important than our nation’s attorney general,” Attorney General Strange wrote in a joint letter to Senators Chuck Grassley and Patrick Leahy Thursday.  “The person who fills that role is not only charged with keeping our streets safe, but upholding the legal principles that are the bedrock of our republic. Senator Sessions has proven over a long and distinguished career that he has the character to serve as United States Attorney General for all Americans. We urge his confirmation.”

Attorney General Strange and his colleagues further emphasized Senator Sessions’ unique breadth of experience as a United States Attorney, State Attorney General and more recently as a long-serving U.S. Senator focusing on judicial fairness.

“He has faced the challenges of balancing justice with fairness and the rule of law with individual freedom, qualifications that make him well suited to his new role,” they added. “His leadership on important policy matters has been invaluable.”

The AGs also detailed how, in 2001, Sessions led the efforts to reduce unfair disparity in drug sentencing. Citing his introduction of the first bipartisan drug sentencing reform act, which ultimately became law that has not only saved the federal government millions of dollars and reduced sentences for non-violent offenders, but also has set a standard for fairness in sentencing.

“We need that kind of thoughtfulness, discretion, and leadership at the helm of the Department of Justice,” the AGs opined.

“I have known Senator Sessions for more than 20 years and am convinced he possesses the right combination of legal experience and judgment to lead the U.S. Justice Department,” said Attorney General Strange.  “I am proud to support his nomination.”

Last week, Strange officially threw his hat into the ring to replace Sessions in the U.S. Senate should he vacate the seat to become U.S. Attorney General.