Controversial Trump rally tree to be re-purposed into cat scratching posts, bird feeders

Donald Trump Mobile rally Dec 2016

The Alabama cedar tree that found itself at the center of controversy after having been cut down for president-elect Donald Trump‘s final victory tour rally in Mobile, Ala. on Saturday, now has a second future — it will be used to build cat scratching posts and bird houses, officials in the city of Mobile said Friday.

The 50-foot cedar once found residence in Public Safety Memorial Park before Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s chief of staff, Colby Cooper, directed the tree to be cut down to be used as a Christmas tree prop at the Trump rally.

The backlash over the controversial decision, now dubbed “Treegate,” received extensive national media coverage, which prompted a solution by local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

The tree branches will be given to the Girl Scouts so they can create cat scratching posts for animal shelters, city officials confirmed, and the tree trunk will go to the Boy Scouts, allowing them to make bluebird houses and bird feeders for local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

City officials also plan to plant one Cryptomeria and two cedars at the park where the tree was removed in coming days. Cooper paid$1,345 to purchase the trees.