NRA announces six-figure ad buy supporting Jeff Sessions AG confirmation


Jeff Sessions will be the beneficiary of a six-figure boost from the National Rifle Association, which announced a new ad blitz running in the last week of the Alabama Senator’s confirmation hearing for attorney general.

The Fairfax, Virginia-based National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) announced Wednesday a new ad buy supporting Sessions’s confirmation as Donald Trump‘s top cop.

The 30-second spot, titled “Respect,” is scheduled to run on cable and across digital platforms.

“Jeff Sessions strongly supports our Second Amendment rights and will work tirelessly to defend them,” said NRA-ILA executive director Chris W. Cox. “He knows the difference between violent criminals and law-abiding citizens, and will support law enforcement’s efforts to get lawbreakers off the streets.”

“Respect,” focuses on Sessions record as a staunch supporter of police and law enforcement.

“After eight years of political elites abandoning police,” the ad’s narrator says, “we need an attorney general who supports police. That’s Jeff Sessions.”

The spot continues by saying Sessions, a former Alabama Attorney General and U.S. Attorney for Alabama’s Southern District, will “get criminals off our streets and protect the Second Amendment.”

The NRA has stirred firmly behind Sessions throughout the confirmation process, and made more than 100,000 voter contacts to key Senate offices on his behalf, with “more to come,” says a news release announcing the campaign.

In addition, NRA vows to “score” votes on Sessions’s confirmation, to be used in future candidate grades and endorsements.

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee agreed to delay a vote on Sessions, after a procedural request from Democrats seeking more time to review paperwork and records on his nomination.

A new vote is scheduled Jan. 31, and the nomination will go to the Senate floor soon after that.

“Respect,” now available on YouTube, will run through Feb. 1.


  1. Dear NRA…..
    Stop “negotiating” excuses to INFRINGE on OUR RIGHTS.

    If there must be background checks, let’s try this idea…
    Are there any ‘legislators’ that are interested in a Constitutional Background Check?

    Since SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means exactly that..

    Let’s try a “Background Check” that DOES NOT INFRINGE on anybodies RIGHTS…
    A FULL, IN DEPTH background check for ALL Politicians, Bureaucrats, and ALL government employees, and set MINIMAL INTELLIGENCE, JOB SKILLS AND CHARACTER QUALITIES that must be met before they can run for office, be appointed or hired.

    That way, WE, THE PEOPLE, get a much better class of politicians and bureaucrats, as well as EMPLOYEES that can be trained to do the jobs they are being hired for.

    Any bets on how hard the political class will fight to prevent it?

    THAT would be a Background Check that nearly ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS will support and I don’t much care if the illegals and their sycophants don’t like the idea.

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