Alabama lawmakers meeting Tuesday, Wednesday on Robert Bentley impeachment

Robert Bentley

Alabama lawmakers from both chambers are scheduled to meet this week to discuss the ongoing impeachment investigation of Gov. Robert Bentley.

On Tuesday, the Alabama House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a 10:00 a.m. morning meeting to discuss the procedural aspects of the investigation — the first hearing on the issue since September. Committee spokesman Clay Redden declined to comment on further specifics.

On Wednesday, the committee’s Senate counterpart is holding a meeting in one of its subcommittees explore the use of subpoena power and as well as what rules are in place to guide a potential impeachment of the embattled Governor.

Bentley, 73, last spring admitted making inappropriate remarks to his senior political adviser but denied accusations of an affair with her and of interfering in law enforcement business, accusations both raised by his fired law enforcement secretary.

Following the news, twenty-three representatives signed articles of impeachment in April 2016, accusing Bentley of willful neglect of duty and corruption in office.

The legislative probe officially began in June 2016, but it has been off to a slow start, as lawmakers find their way through an impeachment process that has not used in a century.

In November, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee suspended impeachment hearings per the state’s attorney general’s office, as they are conducting a related investigation. Andalusia-Republican and House Judiciary Committee Chairman state Rep. Mike Jones has since stated he intends to the resume hearings pending approval from the new AG’s office.

Jones said he expects to wrap up the investigation during the current legislation sessions, which ends in May.