Luther Strange joins effort to kill the death tax

Attorney General of Alabama Luther Strange

Even though S.205: the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2017 was introduced in the U.S. Senate before Alabama’s newest U.S. Sen. Luther Strange had even been sworn in, the Yellowhammer State’s junior senator made it a priority to become a co-sponsor.

Strange joined 33 of his new Senate colleagues when he signed on to the bill, which would permanently repeal the federal estate tax, more commonly known as the death tax, on Wednesday.

“When Alabama’s growers and producers are successful, our entire state’s economy can thrive,” said Strange. “For too long, farms across the state have dealt with the undue burden of the death tax, often struggling to keep their land in the family. By repealing the tax, we will unleash the full potential of multigenerational family businesses. I am proud to join over thirty of my Senate colleagues as we work to push this commonsense bill across the finish line.”

Introduced by South Dakota-Republican Senator John Thune, the bill would also repeal the generation-skipping transfer tax. Both provisions of the bill would provide relief to farming families across Alabama, who currently endure disproportionate taxation on the value of the inherited land when it passes from one generation to the next


  1. Support you 100%. The estate tax has been gradually destroying the middle class family owned businesses and farms, forcing the families to sell their property to pay the tax. The corporations are more than willing to buy them out as they increase control over our means of production. Almost like it was planned that way. If the Republican Party really wants to make America great again it can start by abolishing this egregious tax. There are, however, many more unjust taxes to go. Remember “Taxation Is Theft”.

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