State Auditor Jim Zeigler completes all Robert Bentley exit audits

Images provided by Gov. Bentley and Jim Ziegler combined by ALToday

State Auditor Jim Zeigler announced he has completed the required exit audits of four State gubernatorial properties following the resignation of former Gov. Robert Bentley.

Zeigler and his team accounted for all items of state property in the historic Governor’s Mansion on Perry Street in Montgomery, the Governor’s Office in the capitol, the Governor’s beach house at the Gulf and the Blount Mansion of Wynfield in east Montgomery.

“The four property managers handling the Governor’s properties are well-organized and did a good job getting ready for the audits under expedited circumstances,” Zeigler said in a press release announcing the audit’s completion.

Bentley resigned as governor April 10, following an impeachment investigation where he ultimately made a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to misdemeanor campaign finance violations to end the threat of a criminal investigation. Bentley’s lieutenant governor, Kay Ivey, assumed the role of governor following his resignation. The change of command legally triggered the requirement of the four state audits.

“We saw no problems in the four locations,” Zeigler continued. “Gov. Bentley left the state properties in good shape. His property managers worked well with us.”

Zeigler says that responsibility for the four locations now switches from Bentley to Ivey. She has already begun work in the Governor’s offices and is expected to move into the Perry Street mansion soon.