Get to know Mary Maxwell, Republican running for Alabama U.S. Senate seat

Mary Maxwell
[Photo courtesy of Mary Maxwell]

11 Republicans and eight Democrats will officially move forward to their party’s August 15 primaries to vote in the Alabama special election to replace Jeff Sessions in the U.S. Senate

With a little over three months until voters head to the ballots, is inviting all of the candidates, including appointed-incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, to complete a questionnaire we believe offers an interesting, albeit, thumbnail sketch of who they are and why they are running. If you are a candidate and would like to complete the questionnaire, email

Today’s candidate spotlight features Mary Maxwell, a professional researcher turned investigative journalist who can no longer sit back and watch what’s happening in this country.

Here she is in her own words:

  1. Significant other? George Maxwell, a dutiful, disciplined Scotsman, educated me and inspired me (not to mention made me extremely happy). He went aloft 17 years ago and it took me nine years to recover, as my fellow widows will understand.
  2. Kids? I am nulliparous but deeply interested in the situation of the millennials today. I want them to be given values and principles that will carry them through anything. (I’ve published “Teen Etiquette with Feelings” at Amazon under pseudonym Fortunata Fifi — only goes a little way, though.)
  3. Education background? BA from Emmanuel, a ladies Catholic college in Boston. Master of Liberal Arts, a town-and-gown thing at Johns Hopkins, for which I mainly chose courses from faculty of Public Health. Certificate of Advanced Study at Harvard Extension, very lightweight but allowed one to sing Brahms in the Harvard Summer Chorus. PhD in Politics at Adelaide University, Australia, led to my book “Morality among Nations” (using sociobiology as a base). Law degree, LLB, obtained in my near-dotage, would have led to my wearing a wig in Australian courts.

    Professional background? Been doing research for 39 years, so I guess I should claim “researcher” as my profession. In the last few years this took a turn into investigative journalism and the producing of stage plays.

  4. What was your first job? New England Telephone Co. operator, at $1.60 per hour. Loved it.
  5. In 25 words or less, why are you running for office? I can’t sit by and watch what’s happening, especially the despoiling of the planet. Constitutionally, we’ve got all we need to deal with criminal officials.
  6. Did you speak with anybody in your political party before deciding on running? No.
    Receive any encouragement? From whom? I made the decision so quickly (heard about the Senate vacancy on May 1st), had no time to consult.
  7. Whom do you count on for advice? If I get elected I will run to Senator Rand Paul for guidance, but in thinking out my positions now I don’t need his help as he and I are twins, constitution-wise.
  8. Who is your political consultant? Campaign manager? None — still waiting to obtain such help.
  9. Who was the first person to contribute to your campaign? My friend Dee McLachlan made a beautiful website for me:
  10. Why did they donate? Because an artist’s got to do what an artist’s got to do.
  11. Who, if anyone, inspires you in state government? Governor Kay Ivey slays me.
  12. Why do people mistrust elected officials and what are you going to do about it? They should not mistrust them; they should shoot them. What I mean is, it’s the citizen’s fault if their representatives are working for someone other than the people. (“Pull your employees into line, Folks.”) What am I going to do about it? I am going to yak constantly about the fact that 25-year-olds and up should completely wipe out the present 435 members of the House of Representatives in 2018, and one-third of the Senate. It is a doable. Get crackin’, young ones. Save the Great Republic!
  13. What are 3 issues that you’re running on? Well, I certainly won’t say Education even if that is VITAL, as it is none of the federal government’s business.
    1. First, I will concern myself with avoiding war – yes, and “regime change.” Look how easily a ‘trend’ becomes acceptable. We regime-changed Iraq, Libya, etc. and now media says it’s what we are supposed to do in Syria, etc. No, it ain’t.
    2. Second, I will whack the FDA, CDC, NIH, and other organizations for keeping medical cures under lock and key. Please see my 2 books – free download at “Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status,” and “A Balm in Gilead: Curing Autism and Awakening the Physicians.”
    3. Third, I’d be honored to be the voice of the voiceless, whether that be homeless persons, targeted individuals, or prisoners. I hear the biblical injunction “I was in prison and you visited me.” Matthew 25:36. I’m dying to know what is going on in federal prisons, especially Supermax.
  14. What is a “disruptive” issue (i.e. ride-sharing) you are interested in? Medical experimentation on soldiers. Gulf War Illness is probably the tip of the iceberg.
  15. Who was the best governor in Alabama’s modern history? George Wallace. I am a maniac for states’ rights, so I’d even countenance his sticking up for segregation (as I like Judge Roy Moore sticking up for straights-only marriage, despite my wholly endorsing integration and gay marriage). The Constitution requires that every one of the 5 forces (3 branches plus states and people) guard their part – or we’ll die. Anyway, Wallace apologized for his bigotry, asked for forgiveness, and got support from African-Americans after that. The fact that Wallace was shot at when running for president tells me a lot (and no, I do not think Arthur Bremer was the assassin).
  16. Are yard signs an important part of campaigning in your district? I don’t know.
  17. What’s the first thing you read each morning? I don’t read in the morning. I jump out of bed and start writing. True.
  18. Where do you get your political news? From, sometimes buttressed by or
  19. 60 Minutes or House of Cards? Please.
  20. Social media presence? Twitter handle? I wish to learn this game. So far I’m a bit thick.
  21. In 140 characters, what’s a Tweet that best describes your campaign message? Big trouble ahead! Stop tuning out of reality. Never let judges violate Rule of Law. Unplug the TV. Think humanity, courage, high ideals.
  22. Hobbies? Music and poetry. To be honest I lust in my heart for conspiracy theory (as in, but shall try to keep a lid on it.
  23. Favorite sport and sports team? Sorry, I am a complete failure at sport and fitness. If you said “Drop and give me five” I would probably fall on the floor and hand you a 5-dollar bill. As a sports spectator I enjoy Olympic figure skating. In rugby I like the New Zealand All-Blacks because they perform a mean haka.