Ladies, is access to birth control really the most important topic of the day?


I’ve been dumbfounded by the outcry from the left about the consequences of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case. What happened to the rallying cry of women that we are equal to men in every way? Are we not equal enough in intelligence and resourceful enough in adaption to overcome the barrier that this decision has created?

I know brilliant, articulate, self-sufficient women who are acting as though this ruling is a tragic set back for feminist equality. Ladies, let’s get a grip.  We are better than this!

This ruling doesn’t apply to every company in the nation. If you want to work for a crafts store and you must have one that provides birth control you now know to skip your local Hobby Lobby and head to the nearest Michaels.  Was that so hard?

On the off chance Hobby Lobby is the only business in town hiring and you must work there to keep your power on and a roof over your head, how about you do a little research for other local places to get affordable contraceptives.

I have significant doubt that in this day and age women aren’t capable of access to affordable birth control that isn’t subsidized by their employer. I have significant doubt that this decision will leave women having to choose between birth control or food.

Why are some women acting as though this is the end of the world? Why are we acting as though women are helpless to find or create alternatives?

If every woman I saw posting about access to birth control instead spent this much energy fighting for quality education and school choice or an improved social service system that protects those entrusted into our state’s care, then we could collectively improve the lives of many who actually need our help.

If we spent this much energy encouraging our daughters to seek jobs in the science and technology fields, to pursue their dreams regardless of whether it is to be a chief executive or a stay-at-home mom, we would be making a real impact.

Instead, many are telegraphing to their daughters that free birth control is the biggest problem of the day. Instead of respecting the beliefs of others many would rally against the inconvenience of religious freedom?

Not me, I am confident women are more than capable of finding solutions to this situation. I believe we are better than this conversation and stronger than we’re giving ourselves credit for.

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Apryl Marie Fogel lives in Birmingham and works as a conservative political activist.