Jim Zeigler’s personal campaign against Luther Strange

Jim Zeigler and Luther Strange

State Auditor Jim Zeigler has made it his personal mission to keep Alabama Sen. Luther Strange from heading back to Washington next year.

Zeigler, who has never be one to shy away from verbal jousting, has taken to Facebook, often multiple times a day, to take a stand against Strange.

“Why can’t Luther Strange focus on his own record and platform? Instead he spends millions in Washington money attacking his opponents. His ads mention his opponents more than himself. Very strange,” Zeigler said in a Wednesday Facebook post.

Zeigler-Strange FB 1

Throughout the campaign season, Zeigler has posted several anti-Strange articles from various sources on his Facebook pages.

“If you know anyone thinking about voting for Luther Strange, ask them to read this. It explains how Strange is strongly financed by Washington Insiders. We need a new senator for Alabama, not Strange for the Washington swamp,” Zeigler said linking to a ConservativeReview.com article.

Zeigler-Strange FB 3

Zeigler’s attacks are not limited to Strange’s record or what he’s been doing in the race. They also seek to delegitimize Strange’s appointment to the Senate altogether.

“Luther Strange was appointed Senator by disgraced governor Robert Bentley. Strange was state attorney general and was supposed to have Bentley under investigation. Instead, Strange accepted the senate appointment from Bentley. Now, the Washington Insiders are spending millions to elect Strange. Many do not know this,” Zeigler posted on Thursday.Zeigler-Strange FB 2

In his posts, Zeigler is referencing Strange’s February appointment to the U.S. Senate by former Gov. Robert Bentley, which came two months after Strange asked an Alabama House committee to pause an impeachment probe of Bentley, who was accused last year of having an affair with a onetime top political adviser. Strange said at the time that his office was doing ‘‘related work’’ though he never publicly elaborated on what it involved or when the work would be completed.

Zeigler-Strange FB 6

The daily barrage of posts also accuse Strange of counting on low voter turnout win the Aug. 15 GOP primary.

“If you were appointed by disgraced former Gov. Robert Bentley, who you were supposed to be investigating, how would you try to be elected in Alabama’s U.S. Senate primary? Temporary Sen. Luther Strange is doing it this way: He is counting on a low turnout while spending millions of Washington special interest money,” commented Zeigler.

In a similar vein, he’s also accused Strange of counting on low-information voters.

“Temporary Sen. Luther Strange is doing it this way: He is counting on millions of dollars in ads paid for by Washington Insiders to sway ‘low-information voters,” Zeigler quipped.Zeigler-Strange FB 5

Whether or Zeigler is doing any real damage to Strange’s campaign remains to be seen, but nearly 7,700 fans on his exploratory page and and 1,300+ friends on his personal Facebook page where he often shares the posts, one thing is for sure — Zeigler will be doing all he can to make a case against Strange between now and Aug. 15.