Luther Strange claims he’s the “clear choice” in Sept’s GOP Senate runoff


Sen. Luther Strange has begun to draw battle lines in next month’s fight the GOP nomination for Alabama’s U.S. Senate, setting the stage for a showdown between him and opponent Roy Moore.

In a Tuesday press release, Strange threw the gauntlet, calling the former Alabama Chief Justice, Moore, a hypocrite “who has spent 40 years putting himself and his ambition ahead of Alabamians.”

The release marks the campaign’s first direct attack against Moore, who led Strange by 25,000 votes in the August 15 primary. Neither candidate earned enough votes to become the Party’s outright nominee, thus sending the race to a runoff scheduled for Sept. 26.

Strange pointed out a series of six “facts” in support of his candidacy and against Moore:

FACT: As Attorney General, Big Luther created the Special Prosecution Division and successfully convicted corrupt officials – included the Republican State Speaker of the House – who were removed from office and/or jailed.[i]

FACT: Because of his success draining the Montgomery swamp, corrupt politicians tried to shut Big Luther down, gutting the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) budget and passing a law that would have given legislators the ability to block specific AGO operations and investigations.[ii]

FACT: Big Luther opposes career politicians and supports term limits.

FACT: Roy Moore has been running for office since he first ran for an Etowah County circuit judge seat in 1982 as a Democrat.

FACT: Roy Moore fought for pay increases for politicians while courts had to shut down because of lack of funding.[iii]

FACT: Roy Moore has made a career out of profiting off of public service and sticking tax payers with the bill. [iv]

He also deemed himself as “the only candidate in this race that has a record of delivering conservative reform and protecting rule of law,” touting President Donald Trump‘s endorsement 


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! “Lordy,” as James Comey would say, nobody in Alabama believes Luther Strange is going to beat Chief Justice Roy Moore on election day no matter how many RINO dollars McConnell’s Senate Super PAC dumps into this race.

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