Parker Griffith is his own worst enemy: guest opinion


Let me get this straight: The Democrat running for governor went on an extreme  conservative talk radio show where the host is known for wild antics and an in-your-face style. He was “shockingly” ambushed by antagonistic questions he wished wasn’t asked. He, after the interview, verbally lashes out at said radio host, who files a police report for “threats”?

Alabama politics are a riot. Let me just say that I blame the staffers who booked the radio for Griffith for the fact he was set up. Being mad at the host for taking advantage of the set up is like being mad at the kid in a tee ball game for using the tee.

What’s better was this gem from Griffith after his fight went public: “This sort of behavior from the hard core, right wing of the Tea Party and their allies is typical behavior at election time.”

Way to take responsibility for your actions.  That’s the level of maturity I want in my governor.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the radio host may have taken things a little far by calling the police, but Griffith did this to himself.

What Griffith should have done after a lengthy chat with his scheduler or media handler was think long and hard about why he went on a conservative show in the first place.  Did he not know better?  Shame on him if he didn’t.

First rule of a campaign: Do no harm. Second: Go where the votes are.

Griffith you weren’t getting any votes on that radio show.  You were preaching to the choir, but the only problem was it wasn’t the same faith as yours.  People who listen to conservative talk radio were never going to take kindly to a candidate who changes parties as often as they change suits.

If you ask Parker Griffith who his enemy is, he will probably tell you in a profanity- laced rant, “the Tea Party.”

Let me make clear the biggest problem I see for Parker Griffith is Parker Griffith.

Alabama deserves better.

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Apryl Marie Fogel is a new Alabama resident who works as a conservative political activist.