Residents trying to do away with the small town of Cardiff


The seventh smallest town in the state of Alabama may soon dissolve if a handful of town residents have their way.

In Cardiff, Ala., the smallest town in Jefferson County located west of the Birmingham suburb of Gardendale, eight of the towns’ roughly 47 residents are legally seeking to have the town dissolved.

“Our town hasn’t had an election since 2008,” resident Debra Smith told “We are wanting safety measures.”

The disgruntled residents filed a petition for dissolution in Jefferson County Probate Court on Oct. 11, 2017.

But the town of Cardiff isn’t going down without a fight.

According to, Shirley Mitchell, the Cardiff Town Clerk, said “most of those in Cardiff don’t want a change. ‘The majority of our town members have stepped forward and said that is not what they want. We prefer to continue to be a town on our own,’ Mitchell said.”

A petition has been started to keep the town running. There are currently about 15 names, or one-third of the town, on it.


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