Alabama schools get their own report cards

Alabama report cards

Thursday, the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) released the Alabama State Report card. This is the first time a report of this caliber has been made available to Alabamians.

Each school is given a letter-grade based on the results of several academic measures determined by local school leaders, local superintendents and ALSDE. The report draws attention to what schools are doing correctly, and which areas need more improvement.

Letter grades are determined by several factors including; state test scores, graduation rates, absenteeism, and college or career-readiness. High schools without a 12th grade used adjusted formulas to account for the lack of graduation rates.

“Although a lot of attention has been given to what grade schools are receiving, when reviewed holistically, the Alabama State Report Card shares a great deal of detail about what our schools are doing well and where they can improve,” said Caroline Novak, president of A+ Education Partnership.

“Every school in Alabama is faced with different challenges and each has different strengths and weaknesses. The release of the Alabama State Report Card is an opportunity to learn more about the programs, initiatives and other areas where school leaders want to invest and how they can collectively improve student achievement. By looking at the measurements highlighted in the Alabama State Report Card overtime, communities can work together to ensure all students are on track for success in school and after they graduate.”

Novak wants parents and educators to use the letter grades as a conversation starter on how to enhance learning environments for students across Alabama.

The report card was developed to satisfy Alabama Act 2012-402 and the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act passed in 2015.