Mike Rogers: The American people deserve to know the truth


Mike Rogers OfficialThere is nothing more fundamental to our Republic than free elections, equal justice under the law, and honest government. Any threat to them can shake the foundations of our Constitution.

Recently, some very disturbing information about the actions of a few high- ranking officials at the FBI and Justice Department has come to light. This information describes an effort to use the most sensitive law enforcement techniques to discredit and potentially nullify the 2016 election.

We’ve all heard by now about the shady Steele dossier. We are learning the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and possibly even some officials at the FBI were behind the dossier. Then that same unreliable information was used by the FBI to get a secretive surveillance warrant to spy on the Trump campaign – or in other words, a warrant to spy on fellow Americans for political purposes.

We have also learned of a small group of senior FBI officials seemingly scheming to get Donald Trump. Talks of an “insurance plan” against Mr. Trump, of secret “offsite” meetings and over 50,000 texts over 50,000 missing text messages many of which highlighted these efforts. And remember one week we are told the 50,000 texts were forever lost due to a technical error and the next week we are told the FBI Inspector General was able to recover them. Sounds a lot like missing emails doesn’t it?

There is growing interest in the public release of a four-page document written by my colleague, Congressman Devin Nunes (CA) who serves as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee that outlines many of these suspicious actions. Especially the potentially illegal use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to spy on President Trump.

This document, which I had the opportunity to read in secured area in the U.S. Capitol, was very troubling to me.

The memo must be released to the public. The American people have the right to know the truth.


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  1. This is a complete mischaracterization of both memo and context. With this misleading statement, Rogers and AL Today are attacking the FBI, DOJ, and the critical processes and institutions that keep Americans safe. The memo is out. Go ahead and read it. It implicates Trump adviser Carter Page, who has been under surveillance since 2013 for interacting with CONVICTED Russian spies and giving anti-American speeches in Moscow. Incidentally, the memo also reveals that the investigation was commenced due to actions by George Popadopolous and not the Steele dossier. The account given above by Rogers is inaccurate and preposterous. There are no missing emails. Rogers is not only misinformed, he is promoting misinformation and his intentions should be questioned. When asked by his constituents in August if he would pledge to protect us from Russian attacks and pledge not to accept secretive Russian dark money. He refused to do so. Rogers needs to be voted out in November.

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