Alabama’s Conservatives for Better Leadership announces first digital ad buy

Conservatives for Better Leadership_ad buy

A new Alabama-based conservative group has launched its first digital ad buy to highlight the ongoing corruption and bad governance in Montgomery, and call for a conservative governing agenda in the state Legislature.

Conservatives for Better Leadership (CBL) — who’s goal is to hold Alabama’s leadership to a higher standard than has been on display in recent years and give the people of Alabama the leaders they deserve — made the announcement of the statewide ad buy on Tuesday.

According to a news release, it’s the first in a series of paid advertising buys that will roll out throughout Alabama’s primary election season and educate voters about the failures of current and former leaders to root out corruption and wasteful spending.

“Conservative voters throughout Alabama elect those who promise to share their conservative principles and take them to Montgomery; Too often lately we’ve been let down by these same elected leaders. It’s time we put them on notice – if you run on a promise you must govern under that promise. It’s time we call out the failings and disappointments we have seen from the Montgomery political establishment,” said Apryl Marie Fogel, Executive Director of Conservatives for Better Leadership.

“We are hopeful that with strong leadership in the legislature and a full and clean break from the Bentley administration, we can restore ethical leadership and conservative governance to our state, and Make Alabama Great Again.”

Click here to watch the ad.