Get to know: Cam Ward, State Senator and candidate for Senate District 14

Senator Cam Ward

Alabaster-Republican State Sen. Cam Ward is officially running for re-election for Senate District 14, a seat that includes parts of Bibb, Chilton, Hale, Jefferson and Shelby counties.

As of Thursday afternoon, the 46-year old who has represented the District since 2010, is the lone candidate running for the seat.

With just under four months until voters head to the ballots, is inviting all candidates running for office in Alabama this year, to complete a questionnaire we believe offers an interesting, albeit, thumbnail sketch of who they are and why they are running. If you are a candidate and would like to complete the questionnaire, email

Here Ward is in his own words:

  1. Significant other? How long married? Kids? I have been married for a year and a half to Lindsey Clements and I have a daughter from a previous marriage named Riley who is 15 years old.
  2. Education background? Professional background? Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Troy University 1993, Juris Doctorate from Cumberland School of Law 1996. I previously served as a District Director for Congressman Spencer Bachus and Attorney General for two state agencies. Currently I serve as an attorney for the Alabaster Industrial Development Board.
  3. What was your first job before college/adulthood and after? My first job before college was as a labor employee fixing air conditioning units and later as a painting job in college dorms. After law school I engaged the practice of law in between work as a staff member for various elected officials.
  4. In 25 words or less, why are you running for office? I tackle issues that no one else wants to take on but is necessary for the good of our state.
  5. Did you speak with anybody in your political party before deciding on running? Receive any encouragement? From whom? Ive been involved with the Republican Party of Alabama for quite some time and was encouraged by many in our leadership to run for office in 2002.
  6. Who do you count on for advice besides significant other or clergy? I rely on wife, clergy and personal friends for advice.
  7. Who is your political consultant? Campaign manager? Angi Stalnaker, my campaign consultant
  8. Who was the first person to contribute to your campaign? Why did they donate? My dad gave me my first contribution. He gave me $25 because he said that he believed I could make a difference.
  9. Who, if anyone, inspires you in state government? I’m inspired by multiple colleagues on both sides of the aisle. The public often assumes that everyone in the legislature are bad people when in fact there are many good people serving.
  10. Why do people mistrust elected officials and what are you going to do about it? I believe it is because we all campaign for office running against Montgomery. Then once we are elected we cannot understand why people despise Montgomery but it is because of the campaign rhetoric. I try to be as transparent and open as possible with my constituents so that they feel someone is actually listening to their concerns.
  11. What are 3 specific policy positions that you’re running on? (Please don’t simply say “education” or “improving the schools”) I wish to continue my efforts in criminal justice reform. In particular the development of Mental Health and Substance Abuse programs to keep people out of prison. I also would like to see our court system better funded an streamlined for more efficiency. Finally, I would like to work on how we prioritize our funding decisions in the General Fund Budget, making our budget more efficient in the long term.
  12. What is a “disruptive” issue (i.e. ride-sharing) you are interested in? Really just issues surrounding the criminal justice system.
  13. Name one current state law you would want repealed? The law related to how contracts are reviewed by the legislature. Currently if we see a bad contract being entered in to by the State we have no power to stop it. I think we should have stronger oversight of state spending.
  14. Who was the best governor in Alabama’s modern history? Governor Kay Ivey has done a great job keeping our state government on an even and steady road. I think her levelheaded approach to making sure government runs efficiently has been good for our state.
  15. What will set you apart from other candidates in this race? I take on tough political issues regardless of the consequences.
  16. What’s the first thing you read each morning? The Economist.
  17. Where do you get your political news? Mostly online. Politco,, Real Clear Politics.
  18. Favorite TV series? This is Us
  19. Social media presence? Twitter handle? Facebook? Who posts you, campaign staff, combination?
    1. Twitter: @SenCamWard
    2. Facebook: @cam.ward
    3. I handle all of my own social media.
  20. In 140 characters, what’s a Tweet that best describes your campaign message. A plainspoken conservative who is not afraid to take on the tough issues.
  21. Hobbies? Exercsing
  22. Favorite sport and sports team? Troy University Football