More civil rights groups support appeal in voter ID lawsuit

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More civil rights groups are challenging a federal judge’s ruling that an Alabama voter ID law is not discriminatory.

Alabama has required voters to present government-issued photo identification since 2014. The Alabama NAACP and Greater Birmingham Ministries sued over the law in 2015, arguing that it disproportionately affects minorities. U.S. District Judge L. Scott Coogler ruled in favor of the state in January. He concluded that the state helps voters get IDs and Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill offered a mobile service to make home visits.

The plaintiffs appealed the ruling on Feb. 21. The ACLU of Alabama, ACLU Voting Rights Project, Lawyers’ Committee and Campaign Legal Center submitted a brief in support on Thursday.

Plaintiffs are asking for a rescheduled trial before the state’s primary elections in June.

Republished with permission from the Associated Press.


  1. There must be an overarching reason certain factions of society cringe at the thought of providing proof of identification at time of casting a vote. Why is is so difficult for everyone desiring to exercise their right to cast a vote obtain the proper identification? I suspect virtually all citizens in this day and age, possess some form of Government issued identification. Requiring potential voters to provide proper identification is not new. Why do some feel discriminated against? Do you drive, do you get Social Security, do you carry anything in your pocket to identify YOU? I suspect you do. But, not requiring a person to obtain government issued identification (you have many months to do this) could well lead to someone taking your vote against your wishes. But as we all suspect, the phrase “Vote, is followed by Often”. Do your civic duty and take whatever action is necessary to get a Government issued identification so you will not be locked out of the voting process. What is so darn difficult people? Get an ID. Remember, only citizens are allowed to vote…

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