Alabama legislative preview: Day 17 – Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Alabama State Capitol

Here is what state legislators have on their plate Tuesday:

House: Convenes Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.

HB317: Economic Development, notification and confidentiality provisions revised for certain economic incentives, State Industrial Development Authority, bonds for industrial development and site preparation, auth., Alabama Jobs Enhancement Act, Secs. 41-29-501 to 41-29-507, inclusive, added; Sec. 41-29-3 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Moulton-Republican State Rep. Ken Johnson

HB170: Workforce Council, membership revised, regional workforce development councils, membership qualifications revised, Secs. 41- 29-290, 41-29-291, 41-29-300 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Brewton-Republican State Rep. Alan Baker

SB192: Agriculture and Conservation Development Commission, allocation of funds to soil and water conservation districts, minimum deleted, Sec. 9-8A-5 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Lineville-Republican State Sen. Gerald Dial and Geneva-Republican State Rep. Donnie Chesteen

HB161: Capital offenses, aggravating circumstances if victim was a law enforcement or correctional officer, or under 14 years of age, Sec. 13A-5-49 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Greenville-Republican State Rep. Chris Sells

SB159: Public schools, grant all professional educators’ associations same level of access to employees of public schools

  • Sponsored by Trussville-Republican State Sen. Shay Shellnut and Rainbow City-Republican State Rep. Mack Butler 

HB401: Alabama Insurance Guaranty Association Act, provisions conformed to most recent model act, obligation of assoc. to pay covered claims before order of liquidation of insolvent insurer, statutory cap for benefits and aggregate cap provided, Secs. 27-42-3, 27-42-5, 27-42- 8, 27-42-11, 27-42-12 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Albertville-Republican State Rep. Kerry Rich

SB258: Food service establishments, require grease traps to having locking manhole covers

  • Sponsored by Auburn-Republican State Sen. Tom Whatley and Auburn-Republican State Rep. Joe Lovorn

HB316: Credit Unions, regulation of; voting and notice requirements for board meetings, provided for, conversion of credit unions chartered in other states to Alabama state chartered credit union, provided for, access provided to certain third-party examination reports, executive session of boards, provided for, certain public disclosures, provided for, Secs. 5-17-22, 5-17-40, 5-17-45, 5-17-56, 5-17-60, am’d.

  • Sponsored by Rainbow City-Republican State Rep. Mack Butler 

HB211: Funeral Service, mortuary school, students with valid apprenticeships or internships in another state may attend, criminal prosecution of funeral service law violations, quorum of the board, provided further, Secs. 34-13-3, 34-13-5, 34-13-6, 34-13-22 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Anniston-Republican State Rep. K.L. Brown

HB320: Income tax, filing requirement threshold to be sum of standard deduction and personal exemptions, Sec. 40-18-27 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Fairfield-Democrat State Rep. Rod Scott

HB414: Alcoholic beverages, nonprofit special events retail license, provided for, donation of beer, wine, and liquor authorized, Sec. 28-3A-6 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Gadsden-Democrat State Rep. Craig Ford

HB140: Motor vehicles, handicapped parking, sign designated special access parking place not required to specify fine, Sec. 32-6-233.1 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Moulton-Republican State Rep. Ken Johnson

SB154: Municipalities, ordinances, summons and complaint in lieu of arrest, further provided for, exceptions, Sec. 11-45-9.1 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Florence-Republican State Sen. Tim Melson and Tuscaloosa-Democrat state Rep. Chris England

HB354: Taxation, sale of tax liens, tax liens authorized to be sold at auction to the bidder with the lowest interest rate, Secs. 40-10- 199, 40-10-200 added; Secs. 40-10-180 to 40-10-198, inclusive, am’d.

  • Sponsored by Columbiana-Republican State Rep. Corley Ellis

SB182: Taxation, to provide that certain evidence of comparable sales or leases shall be inadmissible in taxpayer appeals for the rulings of boards of equalization fixing value of commercial property, Sec. 40- 3-27 added

  • Sponsored by Rainbow City-Republican State Sen. Phil Williams and Columbiana-Republican State Rep. Corley Ellis

HB89: Attorneys, allow attorneys with special licenses to do pro bono work, Sec. 34-3-6 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Tuscaloosa-Democrat state Rep. Chris England

HB358: Environmental Management Commission, membership to include licensed geologist, Sec. 22-22A-6 am’d.

  • Sponsored by Fayette-Republican state Rep. Kyle South

Senate: Convenes Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.

The Alabama Senate has not yet released a proposed special order calendar. This post will be updated once one has been released.