$400k ad buy highlights state’s dismal infrastructure due to wasteful spending   

CBL ad screen shot

On Thursday, Conservatives for Better Leadership (CBL) announced a nearly $400,000 TV, radio and digital advertising campaign educating residents statewide about the waste of critical tax dollars needed for infrastructure projects in Central and Northern Alabama being spent instead on pet projects along the Gulf Coast.

According to the groups press release, “you don’t have to drive far to see our states infrastructure is in complete disrepair and not ready for the booming economic growth that the families and businesses of our state are ready for. It’s time we do something about it. With over 1,200 of our bridges deemed structurally deficient and thousands of miles of roads that are congested and unsafe, our leaders should be embarrassed to spend a single dollar on projects that aren’t 100% necessary. We are counting on our leaders to finally commit to prioritizing needed infrastructure improvements rather than shoveling our tax dollars to the politically connected.”

After years of ballooning costs and excessive spending, ALDOT Director John Cooper, a Robert Bentley appointee, continues to oversee his department without any notion of prioritization or accountability. CBL is encouraging taxpayers statewide to join our call for Governor Kay Ivey to keep her promise to breathe new life into the corrupt way things have been handled in Montgomery and prioritize spending on justifiable projects rather than wasteful and unnecessary ones such as this one.

Take a look at the statewide ad below where one Alabama mom expresses her concerns about how there are 600 bridges unable to carry her children to school, yet ALDOT is spending $30 million on a new bridge to the beach.

Watch the ad below: