3 Hayneville city councilors heckled, walk out of meeting


After being heckled by the audience, according to WFSA 12 three Hayneville City Council members walked out of Monday night’s city council meeting.

Lula Tyson-BaileyCynthia Reeves and Sharon Reeves came back to the meeting only minutes after walking out.

The councilors were being scrutinized after they called a special city council meeting last month to vote to terminate Police Chief Kelvin Mitchell and City Attorney Michael Strickland, and altogether scrap the Economic Development position that was held by Helenor Bell.

Mitchell, who had served as police chief for 14 years was never told why he was fired. He had hoped to find out Monday, but the councilors left before giving him an answer.

Mitchell told WFSA 12 he is currently seeking litigation.

“The law clearly states you must give me a preliminary hearing, or suspension with pay before termination,” Mitchell said. “I’ve got an attorney, and we’re going to end up in federal court. There’s case law that says that if I’m interrupted out of my sleep, and for the last 13 years and eight months, I’ve been interrupted numerous times and you must pay. My calculations ran it really, really high and I want my money immediately because you terminated me.”


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