GOP-hopeful Rich Hobson is giving away AR-15 to celebrate the 2nd Amendment

Rich Hobson AR-15

Roy Moore’s former campaign aide and candidate for Alabama’s Second Congressional District is giving away an AR-15, in an effort to draw importance to the Second Amendment.

“Get a Free AR-15 for freedom!” Rich Hobson declares on his website.

Hobson AR-15 giveaway
Hobson’s Facebook post

The campaign made the announcement Tuesday that it will hold a drawing to give away a Smith & Wesson AR-15 rifle on Memorial Day.

“The name will be drawn on Memorial Day because “[i]t seems only fitting that we would do so on the day that we use to honor those who died defending our freedom,” said Hobson.

“America was founded on the idea that people were made to rule themselves. The framers of our Constitution acknowledged that our rights were from God and that our government was to be formed only by the consent of the governed. This is something I believe to my core,” Hobson explained.

“But our Founding Fathers also realized that freedom is not possible unless our citizens act with self-restraint, govern their own morality, and take responsibility for every basic need in our life. To that end, true Americans are expected to be hard-working, responsible, and prepared. Because of that, I believe that it is right and proper for every family in the country to own an AR-15 Defense Rifle.”

According to a website dedicated to the giveaway, participants must be at least 18-years of age and meet all legal requirements to be a gun owner under federal, state, and local law. Southern Outdoor Sports in Dothan, Ala. will handle the necessary background checks and other legal requirements.

The deadline for entry is 12:00 noon CT on Monday, May 28.

The publicity stunt is a familiar one for Republican candidates. Just this month, a county judge candidate in Kentucky, Myron Miller, did the same thing. Missouri U.S. Senate-hopeful Austin Petersen launched his second AR-15 giveaway in April, behind Kansas Congressional hopeful Tyler Tannahill’s giveaway in February.

Hobson joins for Member of Congress Bobby Bright, State Rep. Barry Moore and Army veteran Tommy Amason in challenging Martha Roby in the June 5 Republican primary.

The winner will go on to face whomever prevails from the Democratic primary — Tabitha Isner or Audri Scott Williams — in the Nov. 6 general election.