Troy King hit’s hard at Steve Marshall for ‘fat cat fundraiser’ on schedule

Troy King_Steve Marshall

It’s safe to say Troy King knows a thing or two about the day-to-day proceedings of the Alabama Attorney General’s office.

As the former Alabama Attorney General King — who was first appointed attorney general in 2004 by former Gov.  Bob Riley, after William Pryor left the office to accept federal judge position with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. King later won his own term — is running for the seat yet again, hoping to return to his former office.

After the June 5 primary, he’s moved one step closer. In a crowded GOP field, King managed to garner enough votes to pull sitting AG Steve Marshall into a runoff election on July 17, where he’s hoping to ultimately find victory as the Party’s nominee.

Now, King is doing all he can to make a case for himself as to why he’s better suited for the position than Marshall.

On Monday, he held a press conference outside of the state capitol in Montgomery, Ala. to do just that.

“My preacher always said, if you know what to know what’s important to a man, if you want to know where his priorities lie, you look at his calendar. You don’t listen to what he is,” said King standing in front of a blown-up fundraiser invitation for Marshall.

He continued, “Today with violent crime at a 20 year high, you might be wondering where is Steve Marshall. Is he home with his staff writing new laws? Is he at a parole board hearing battling for justice that’s been hard-fought for and hard-won, on behalf of victims families who are terrified of having justice snatched out of their hands? Is he in a grand jury room somewhere in Alabama? Is he in a court room somewhere in Alabama?”

“No, he’s at an exclusive golf club in North Carolina… he is standing there with fat cat donors and lobbyists who spent $25,000 to spend the weekend with him. And $5,000 a person to come to a political fundraiser.”

King went on to explain what he’s doing differently.

When asked if thought the Attorney General’s office was being bought, he when on to say “it’s at least being rented.”

“$425,000 from out of state donors,” King explained. “The only explanation I could come up for is to why people who don’t live in Alabama, who don’t have an interest in Alabama would give the Attorney General that much money if they want something in return.”

The winner of the GOP runoff will face Democrat Joseph Siegelman, son of former Gov. Don Siegelman, in November’s general election.