In the runoffs for Attorney General and Lt. Governor the gloves have come off

gloves off

There’s a lot at stake in the statewide runoffs. If you didn’t realize that, then you clearly haven’t been reading the news or listening to the radio where the fight for conservatism and against corruption is so ridiculous that you’d think all four candidates in both races have, at one time or another, now or in the past, lost their minds.

In the race for Lt. Governor the fight over who’s more like President Donald Trump and who’s the insider our outsider is almost comedic. Both Twinkle Cavanaugh and Will Ainsworth have solid conservative records to stand on and be proud of, so why are radio ads playing that suggest otherwise?

For the love of all that’s holy. Run on your own records: Twinkle has “Right Sized” the PSC. She has cut the budget. She has improved transparency, she’s made herself available to constituents throughout her tenure. Oh and she’s a rocking strong female, as we discussed when we named her when we did one of our sites first profiles of Women of Influence. Will, well he stood up to Governor Robert Bentley and led the coalition to stop tax increases. I got a call the day he did it from another member saying he rallied the caucus to stop the increases. I reached out to him May 13, 2015 via text (I know this because I don’t delete anything and the text is still on my phone) and he didn’t want to go on record as one of the few people who stood toe-to-toe with Speaker Mike Hubbard and ultimately tank the deal. He wanted all the members who stood together to be credited not look like a hero. He’s talking about his efforts in more modest terms on the stump or so I heard when we both addressed the Azalea Women Republican club last week.

Here’s the story I wrote back then, Change of hearts, change of calendar: Tax increases pulled from floor. I start the article noting, “Well, I’ll be! It looks like someone breathed new life (read: reason) into the House GOP and some members (word is it’s a strong group of freshmen) decided to stand up against the impending vote for tax increases.” That my friends was Will Ainsworth. As a voter I’d be happy to hear real, fact based criticism of him but don’t tell me he’s not a true conservative. I’m not buying that and his record doesn’t demonstrate it. If Alabama had the equivalent of the House Freedom Caucus Will would be a leader in it.

As for the Attorney General race, what the what the what is happening there? Can both sides please just focus on the job at hand? The sideshow of who’s traveling where and who is taking money from whom tells me nothing about how you’d serve as attorney general. Both candidates should be able to articulate that much about themselves — seeing as how they’ve both held the position for a least some decent period of time. I could go into details on this one but what I want is some civility and substance from both sides. Ready. Set. Go!

We’ll keep covering the races in all of their bloodied up glory, but come on folks. Give us some content that shows you’re capable of doing the job you’re trying to win. Oh and don’t expect us to turn a blind eye and not call B.S. when you and your campaign peddle in B.S.

Voters deserve better.