Five things you need to know about Dr. Will Boyd

Will Boyd
[Photo Credit: Will Boyd's Facebook page]

Now that the runoff elections are over, voters are turning their attention to the November General Election less than 90 days away.

Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Dr. Will Boyd, who had no primary opponent, now faces one big challenger in the November general election, Republican nominee Will Ainsworth.

With that in mind, here are the five things you need to know about Will Boyd:

1. He holds numerous degrees, in several different fields.

Born in South Carolina, Boyd received a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of South Carolina.

He later returned to school, earning a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from Regis University, a Doctorate’s degree in Philosophy and Religion from Capella University, and another Doctorate’s of Psychology with a focus on Clinical Christian Psychology with a Christian Worldview. He has also been awarded several honorary doctorates in Divinity and Christian Counseling, according to his campaign website.

2. He’s held several jobs in various career fields.

Beginning his career in the business field, Boyd began working as a Manager-In-Training in both the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China at A.O. Smith, the largest manufacturer and marketer of water heaters in North America. Boyd then held several positions in various firms the manufacturing industry including Production Manager, Quality Manager and Manufacturing Engineer.

Signaling a transition in his career, Boyd began serving as the Dean of Student Success & Adjunct Assistant Professor at Greenville College in Illinois. He’s also written three books entitled: Scratching the Surface; Can You Hear Me Now? How Active Listening and Continuous Articulation of Core Values Can Improve Leadership Effectiveness in Any Organization, Even the Church; and Watch God!

3. He is a Bishop and Pastor.

Transitioning his career further into ministry, Boyd moved to Florence, Ala. to become the Chancellor at St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, a Co-Patriarch and Dean of the Holy Catholic Church International college of cardinals.

Boyd currently serves as the Bishop of Zion Ministries and Pastor of the Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church in Florence, acording to his Linkedin profile.

4. He’s previously run for two separate U.S. Senate seats, and held several elected positions.

Before moving to Alabama, Boyd was the first African American elected to serve as a City Councilman in Greenville, Ill. he also ran for the senate seat left vacant by then U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

Once in Alabama, Boyd picked up the politics again becoming the Democratic nominee for Alabama’s 5th congressinal disctict, and running for the U.S. Senate seat won by Doug Jones in 2017.

5. He currently serves as chairman of the Lauderdale County Democratic Executive Committee.

Boyd currently serves as the Chairman of the Lauderdale County Democratic Executive Committee, and Lauderdale County Chair on the Alabama Democratic Executive Committee.