Alabama Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Worley being sued

Alabama Democratic Party Nancy Worley

Newly re-elected Chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party, Nancy Worley is being sued by another member of the state party.

Susan Cobb, chairwoman of the Marion County Democratic Executive Committee, is suing Worley for allegedly removing her from the party’s website and restructuring the committee, effectively removing Cobb from office.

“June 5, 2018… Cobb received a call from Worley asking where the returns from the primary election were. Cobb had never been instructed by the Party nor Worley, it was her job to communicate to the Party the results of the primary races,” the lawsuit reads. “Cobb rightfully asserted to Worley that the probate judge was certifying the returns to the Secretary of State, and as such, she was not aware she had to personally certify the returns to the Party.”

In the week after the August 11 Democratic party election, where Worley was re-elected as chairwoman, Cobb’s name was removed from the party’s website. When she contacted Worley to inquire why this was the case, Worley told her she did it at her own discretion because Cobb failed to properly certify the primary election returns.

“Worley purportedly plans to hold a re-organization meeting, claiming that the Marion County Democratic Executive Committee does not exist; Nothing within the Alabama Democratic Party bylaws allows such an ouster,
nor provides for replacement in this manner,” the lawsuit continues.

Cobb’s lawsuit also seems to hint that Worley removed Cobb after she “vigorously opposed Worleys re-election,” instead backing Montgomery attorney Peck Fox for chairperson. 

Worley has served as the party’s chairowman since 2013, and faced an uphill battle for re-election earlier this month as several members of the party; including U.S. Sen. Doug Jones backed Fox.

“This party needs to build,” Jones said before the committee’s vote. “We need change. And the only way to get change is to have change. I think it’s time to move on. There’s a lot of energy we’ve got to capture. And I think Peck is the best person to do that.”

Despite his best efforts to sway the committee, Worley bested Fox 101-89.