It’s a trap! Why conservatives shouldn’t take the bait defending against the left’s many false narratives


The left loves to set up conservatives to defend against the false narratives they’ve concocted. I can’t even count the number of them that I see or hear any given day. If you support and defend the second amendment — you must support murder, crime and mass shootings and those who commit them. If you don’t support Obamacare — you want all sick people to die. If you want to restructure Medicare — you must want to push granny off a cliff. If you support and defend the life of the unborn — you don’t believe in women’s health or their rights. If you’re for changing SNAP guidelines or other forms of welfare reform, even for able bodied adults — you want the poor and disabled to go hungry and live in the streets. If you want to secure our borders or enforce immigration laws — you’re for the inhumane treatment of others and you’re probably racists too. I could go on and on. The list of unfounded accusations against the humanity of conservatives are endless.

Now the left has found another narrative they want to push — support anyone who comes forward with an unsubstantiated claim of sexual assault or misconduct or be accused of sanctioning such behavior. It started during Donald Trump’s campaign but reached a fever pitch when Roy Moore found himself facing decades old accusations of sexual misconduct.

If you question an accusers story, their timing or their motive then you’re sanctioning the behavior they’re accusing a candidate, or in this case the nominee, of doing.

This week, as I’ve listened to talk-radio, and read some of my favorite columnists and conservatives on Twitter when they respond to the accusations made against Brett Kavanaugh, I’ve spent the whole time on pins and needles. All I can think is be careful with your words: Don’t do it! Don’t step in the trap! Tread lightly with your observations and even the way you present and question facts because their are those out there just waiting for someone to say something they can use to paint everyone who supports Kavanaugh as insensitive to a very sensitive topic.

It’s infuriating. We should be able to ask questions, demand answers, use facts and history as points of reference in defense of the accused. In the Kavanaugh case, much like the Moore case, there are more questions than answers but we’re suppose to let one woman destroy the life’s work and reputation of a man who hundreds have spoken out in support of. We should be able to address these questions without fear of attack on our own character. We should encourage it and I do, but I still say: be careful folks.

Don’t let yourselves get pinned into a situation where you’re making light of the accusation. Donald Trump Jr. walked right into the trap with his twitter meme.

He didn’t address the accusations, but instead was seen as dismissive of them. We can do better. Keep your argument more on the point that this type of behavior that the judge is being accused of is predatory. You don’t find someone who is a bad 17 year old drunk who nearly committed sexual assault able to go the rest of their life without ever having an incident again. And thats’ what this woman would have us believe — that she was on the verge of a violent, sexual attack that was only thwarted by a friend of his in the room (who has discredited her accusations). You don’t find that kind of behavior to be isolated. In this incidence we find a lifetime of service by Kavanaugh that is spotless.

Speak to the issues. Speak to her inability to recall facts. Speak to the inconsistencies in her story. Speak to the way that the left is trying to weaponize these charges without any proof or substantiating information. Just be careful and remember that there’s nothing the left loves more than to paint everyone on the right as sexists, racists, cold hearted individuals and the truth to many means nothing.