Mac McCutcheon weighs-in: Kay Ivey ‘doesn’t really need to debate’ Walt Maddox

Mac Mccutcheon

There’s been much discussion this year about Republican Gov. Kay Ivey avoiding her Democratic opponent Walt Maddox on the debate stage. Now Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon is offering his opinion on the entire situation, saying Ivey “doesn’t really need to debate” Maddox for the November 6 election.

“When it comes to debates, in a campaign, every campaign is different,” McCutcheon told WHNT. “The candidates of those campaigns, they need to look at the polling, they need to look at the issues, they need to look at the opportunity they have.”

For months, Ivey has side-stepped Maddox, just as she did with her Republican primary challengers.

Earlier this month Ivey went on record saying she has no plans to debate her Democratic challenger as she seeks a full term in office.

“Alabamians know my record” and “know what I stand for,” Ivey said.

“There are only two people that ever bring up the subject. Y’all in the media and my opponent,” Ivey said in response to a question about debating from a reporter in July.

McCutcheon agrees with Ivey, and thinks if Alabamians do have questions they can easily find the answers online.

“If they’re listening to social media, if they’re looking at her job performance, if they’re looking at the issues and really digging deep into the issues, I think the answers are there for the public,” McCutcheon added.