Debate? Most recent governors have been willing

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While Gov. Kay Ivey is not the first incumbent governor to refuse to debate a challenger, most recent governors have been willing to face off with their opponents

The incumbent Republican has so far refused to debate Democratic challenger Walt Maddox ahead of November, but three of the four prior governors debated challengers.

Govs. Bob Riley, Don Siegelman and Fob James debated their challengers.

Ivey’s predecessor, Gov. Robert Bentley refused to debate in his re-election bid

Maddox, who has challenged Ivey to debate, said governors should not “hide.”

Ivey has responded that people already know her record.

Former Alabama congressman and political scientist Glen Browder says the conventional political strategy is leading candidates have nothing to gain by debating.

Prior to 1998 gubernatorial debates were less common in the state.