Immigrants launch Twitter campaign to stir Gov. Robert Bentley on deportation relief program

Governor Robert Bentley
Photo Credit: AP

Pro-immigrant activists are still taking to Twitter on Thursday amid a federal court case enjoined by Attorney General Luther Strange seeking to prevent the administration of President Barack Obama from reforming U.S. immigration rules by executive order.

Supporters are using the hashtag #Bama4DAPA to converse with one another and promote their message in favor of relaxing immigration rules to stop the deportation of many categories of undocumented immigrants.

“Tell @GovernorBentley to drop Alabama off the lawsuit vs Sign the petition […] ,” reads one representative example.

“Fight for keeping families united ,” reads another.

See the entire stream of related Tweets here.

The campaign was organized by the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice, which made it a major priority Wednesday with the conversation continuing Thursday.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell addressed the group in April. He expressed his solidarity with their cause and said that the lawsuit is an impediment to progress.

“This injunction is only hurting immigrant families,” Bell said. “We need to lift the ban to allow families to remain united in these United States. It is imperative to find pathways to allow these people to continue to be vital contributors to our communities and to be treated with dignity. Our voices need to be heard in order to remove the injustice that is being put upon these families.”