Kay Ivey’s campaigns says opponent Walt Maddox ‘takes lying to a whole new level’

Walt Maddox
[Photo via Walt Maddox on YouTube]

Tuscaloosa Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Walt Maddox released his first statewide campaign ad of the general election campaign on Saturday where he introduces himself to Alabama saying he’s “pro-life” and “pro-Second Amendment.”

But Gov. Kay Ivey‘s campaign quickly responded to the new ad saying Maddox is telling a flat out lie.

“Walt Maddox promises not to lie, yet he just told two lies in 30 seconds. That takes lying to a whole new level – even for a politician like Walt Maddox,” wrote Ivey’s campaign. “When you look at his true position on abortion and the gun grabbing allies he pals around with, it’s clear Walt Maddox is too extreme for Alabama.

Maddox and pro-life issues

The Ivey campaign questioned Maddox joining with Planned Parenthood in opposing the Constitutional Amendment that acknowledges the sanctity of life. When asked by a radio DJ on 95.3 whether he is pro-life or pro-choice, Maddox replied, “It’s complicated.”

Maddox and the 2nd Amendment

Maddox’s critics also question whether or not he is truly pro 2nd Amendment as he refused to complete the NRA’s candidate survey and has been endorsed by Moms Demand Action, the same gun control group that endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Watch Maddox’s ad below: