Enough already! Trump is not responsible for bombs

Explosive Devices
Officers watch over the scene outside the Time Warner Center on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018, in New York. [Photo Credit: AP Photo | Kevin Hagen]

The world is reacting to news that four bombs have been found within the last 36 hours starting with George Soros‘ house, Barack Obama‘s, Hillary Clinton‘s and now at CNN. It’s a scary time for national politics but a good time to reflect on who we want to be as a nation.

Are we going to be Americans in a time of crisis or are we going to be partisans? For many the answer is clear. It didn’t take long for the finger-pointing to begin and, in keeping what has become an alarming trend, those who object to him personally, his presidency and his policies Donald Trump is shouldering the blame of other’s actions. Twitter is on fire as I type this with the hashtag #MAGABomber trending. For real, people? Come on.

Never mind that there are and have been since the beginning of time radical, extremists with all political perspectives it took no longer than the first series of reports to come in this morning before talking heads and candidates alike started pointing fingers and assigning blame.

Republicans and Democrats alike have seen their share of people who would use violence as a means of communicating ideas and/or terrorizing those who don’t share their views. Pointing fingers at anyone who didn’t build the bombs at the moment is just a giving the terrorist what they want.

What we need to do now is answers. What we need now is solidarity as a nation. What we need now is to make sure there are no additional bombs out there.

As a nation we should be loudly, and decisively reiterating that hate and violence have no place in politics.

It has really genuinely been a crazy time in politics as of late. From the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice, to violence in Charlottesville. In Charlottesville, we became more aware as the general public about not just the extremism of white supremacists, who should be decried, shamed and held accountable for any actions they take in the name of their hatred, but also of Antifa, the leftist organization that also promotes violence and shows up just as frequently in recent days.

We need to realize these extremes on both sides are not indicative of the people in the middle and that most people are in fact in the middle.

Rather than use the perpetrators hate to divide us further we should use this time to rally around the greatness of our nation and the freedoms that we hold dear. Rather than pick fights on social media with strangers we should help those who need it, we should come together and we should make it clear that we stand united.

First and foremost we are American’s not partisans and today and right now we should remember that and act accordingly.