Jim Zeigler launches ad focused on Montgomery corruption

Jim Zeigler campaign ad
[Photo courtesy of Jim Zeigler]

With just eight days to go until the Nov. 6 general election, Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler launched a $10,000 broadcast campaign ad buy Monday to urge voters to support him in next week’s midterm elections.

The 30-second spot titled, “Why are Montgomery politicians fighting against Jim Zeigler?” highlights Zeigler’s actions challenging what he calls “waste, mismanagement and corruption” in Montgomery.

Zeigler says he has “a limited campaign budget and must use every way to get more bang for the buck.”

His ad is running only in the Birmingham market.

“We figured out ways to make our slender $10,000 ad campaign have the impact of $300,000,” Zeigler explained.

Zeigler will face Democratic challenger Miranda Joseph next Tuesday. Joseph, who has been the Democratic nominee for State Auditor the past three general elections, automatically advanced to the general election, as she faced no primary opponent.

Zeigler previously defeated Joseph in 2015. He has held the position ever since.

Watch the spot below:

Text of the Zeigler ad:

Why are Montgomery politicians fighting against Jim Zeigler?

Because Zeigler is a State Auditor who fights corruption and wasteful spending. Zeigler stands for us, the taxpayers. Not for Montgomery politicians.

Jim Zeigler filed the initial ethics complaint against Robert Bentley and challenged no-bid contracts.
Zeigler has a consistent record of fighting misuse of taxpayer money.

Vote Jim Zeigler, a State Auditor for us.