Shelby County Chambers join forces, to begin 2019 united as one

Shelby County Chambers

Two organizations that represent business interests in Shelby County will join forces in 2019 under a new name, but the same common goal: championing Shelby County as the premier place to live and do business.

The Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce and the South Shelby Chamber of Commerce on Thursday announced they have decided unify and will be known as the Shelby County Chamber as of Jan. 1, 2019.

“Both organizations have embraced the synergy that has emerged as they collaboratively worked on and jointly attended events around the county over the last three years. This is really a natural next step,” said Jacqueline Gardner of St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Health and Wellness and the South Shelby Chamber Chair. “Both organizations share a vision for Shelby County.”

The decision to join the two organizations was unanimously approved by the board of directors of each chamber, on November 27 and November 28.

“There is tremendous support from members of both organizations. I believe they recognize and are excited about the opportunities a united effort can mean for Shelby County businesses,” said Joe Meads of Sain Associates and Chair of the Greater Shelby Chamber.

Currently, some people serve on the Board of Directors for both Chambers and some Shelby County business  are members of both organizations with a different representative on each Board. According to the Chambers, the businesses that currently have multiple representatives will ultimately have the choice to decide who sits on the newly combined Board.

“The decision was made to combine the board members from both existing organizations into one leadership body. Over time, through attrition, one Board of Directors will emerge,” explained Kirk Mancer, President and CEO of the Greater Shelby Chamber.

Paul Rogers of NobleBank & Trust and the task force team leader, explained the process has been very deliberative with significant outreach to all segments of both organizations and to the local governments involved; adding that the mission of partnering with community stakeholders to support the stability and foster economic vitality throughout Shelby County has been a common theme in all deliberations.

“As County Manager, I view the movement to one Chamber, one voice, as very positive for Shelby County,” said Alex Dudchock, Shelby County Manager. “Working together, each one bringing strengths to the table; will energize support for businesses and strengthen the current workforce development efforts that are critical to our future,” he said.

Months of deliberation by task teams made up of members from both Chambers resulted in the obvious name for the new entity. The unified Shelby County Chamber will showcase a new logo when it begins operations on Jan. 1, 2019. 

“These two organizations have energetic members and visionary leadership, there is strength in unity. This is an exciting progressive move for the overall business environment in Shelby County,” said Bill Connor of America’s First Federal Credit Union and the Chair-Elect of the Greater Shelby Chamber.