Jim Zeigler to release ‘Plan Z’ to fund roads without gas tax increases

road in need of repair
[Photo Credit: Pixabay.com]
Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler on Monday will release his plan to fund Alabama’s road and infrastructure needs without a hike in gasoline taxes.

Zeigler has scheduled a news briefing on his plan today  at 11 a.m. in the State Auditor’s office in th State Capitol building in Montgomery, Ala.

Zeigler calls his proposal “Plan Z,” which stands for “zero tax increases and zero congestion on our roads.”

He says Plan Z can provide about $900 million in new road construction funds from present revenues and he will release copies of Plan Z and brief news media and others present at the Monday news briefing.

The state legislature convenes March 5 for the 2019 regular session. They are expected to consider increasing the gasoline tax for roads and infrastructure, though no specific bill or proposal has been released