State Auditor Jim Zeigler says Sen. Krysten Sinema dressed “inappropriately”

Jim Zeigler2

State Auditor Jim Zeigler has come under fire for saying that Democrat freshman Sen. Kyrsten Sinema “took the floor improperly attired.” He has since deleted that comment, but has left the original post, which he also shared to his personal page, reports.

This created a debate in the comments regarding her attire, and whether or not it was appropriate for Zeigler to comment on it.

Zeigler also pointed out that Democrat Sen. Doug Jones is visible in one of the photos and, according to, wrote “He represents these out-of-state senators instead of us, the people of Alabama. Can you see him? I am exploring running against him next year.”

He said that the Facebook post was about Jones, not Synema, reports. “The wording of my post was Doug Jones does not represent the people of Alabama,” Zeigler said. “He represents the out-of- state senators. And I’ll continue to draw that distinction.”

A commentator with AZ Central says we need to focus on the woman, not the clothing. “The country has given Congress a bold new look” she writes, “one that includes a record number of women, including Muslims, Native Americans and yes, Arizona’s senior senator who is partial to pink coats, short dresses and killer boots.”