State Sen. Tim Melson pre-files bill to teach Bible classes in Alabama public schools


An Alabama lawmaker has pre-filed a bill in the state legislature that would allow the Bible to be taught as an elective for grades six to twelve.

Florence-Republican, State Sen. Tim Melson has pre-filed SB14, which would allow teachers to teach without feeling as though they may be brekaing the law. He intentionally made the course and election option to steer clear or any potential lawsuits challenging church and state.

Melson’s bill would also allow public schools to display artifacts, monuments, symbols, and texts related to the study of the Bible if displaying these items is appropriate to the overall educational purpose of the course, and would require the State Board of Education to adopt rules and policies to implement the requirements of the bill.

And it looks like Melson’s not the only state lawmaker that would like to see the bill passed.

“If students choose to study Biblical literacy as an elective in school, then there is no reason why that should not be allowed,” Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh said in a statement. “This bill simply allows students to study artifacts, monuments, symbols, and text related to the study of the Bible.”

“I applaud Senator Melson for sponsoring this bill and I thank President Trump for bringing this issue to national attention,”continued Marsh. “I look forward to working on the passage of this bill in the upcoming session.”

Marsh is referring to the fact President Donald Trump recently tweeted his support of similar bills being filed across the country that would allow for Bible literacy classes in schools.

“Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible. Starting to make a turn back? Great!”

The 2019 legislative sessions begins March 5.