Where’s my ‘Cheat Sheet’ and what’s going on over at ALT?


Okay, so we promised a we’d be fully back online after Spring Break and the fact is we wasn’t able to make that self imposed deadline and we apologize to our faithful readers.

Alabama Today was launched with the intention of not being just another partisan blog with an obvious bias and sponsored content masquerading as news. Our goal was news content that was straight down the middle and opinion content from varied voices. We’re proud of the diverse voices we’ve published in our editorial section and the coverage we have presented on big issues around the state.

We also launched with the intention of focusing on “Women of Influence” around the state.

We are in the process of rebuilding our team and refocusing our content goals including more of our original goal to highlight women around the state who are making a change. Our editorial section will also be stronger in the coming days as we address head on what’s happening behind the scenes in Montgomery and in local offices.

We’ve seen competitors come and go but we have no intention of fading into the sunset. You’ll find more content and new writers in the coming days along with your regular cheat sheets. Hold tight and keep reading.

We’ll be back again soon with the news and quality you have come to expect from us.

Your team at Alabama Today