Governor Kay Ivey’s appointments: Healthcare related (Jan. – April 2019)

Kay Ivey Signing
Photo of signing. [Photo Credit: Governor's office]

We are pleased to be able to share with you Governor Kay Ivey’s appointments from January to April. Her new communications team was incredibly responsive in sending us her those she has appointed to boards, commissions and committees — we’re breaking them down categorically for you. We will be ticking off by board issues starting with healthcare then going into education, infrastructure, judiciary and local appointments then additional ones.

Please check back for additional appointments in the coming days.

Information on open board positions is on the appointments webpage.

Medical Licensure Commission (Made 02/15/2019)   

  • Dr. George Smith

Council on Health Costs, Administration and Organization  (Made 02/15/2019)  

  • Robin Rawls
  • Dave White   

Board of Examiners for Dietetics and Nutrition Practice (Made 02/15/2019)  

  • Cameron Farr

Board of Examiners for Marriage and Family Therapy  (Made 02/15/2019)        

  • Douglas Cooke

State Health Planning Development Agency Executive Director (Made 02/15/2019)    

  • Emily Thompson Marsal

Occupational Therapy State Board (Made 02/15/2019)   

  • Dr. Tracy O’Connor

State Board of Occupational Therapy (Made 03/13/2019) 

  • Annette Harman

Lifespan Respite Coalition (Made 03/13/2019)      

  • Representative Laura Hall
  • Kristina Johnson
  • Marlene Word
  • Ginger Wettingfeld
  • Angel Loewen
  • Kim Lewis
  • Sheila Duncan
  • Cheryl Smith
  • Amy Lamb-Eng
  • Tim Tremble
  • Ree Clark
  • Brent Alexander
  • John Beard
  • Sallye Longshore        
  • Jewell Cobb Pitts

Independent Living Council (Made April 12)

  • Carolyn Fortner
  • John Harris      
  • Bob Lujano
  • Amelia O’Hare
  • Tom Schwarz 
  • Sarah Williams

Board of Rehabilitation Services  (Made April 12)       

  • Michelle Glaze

Behavior Analyst Licensing Board (Made April 12)

  • Jessica Arevalo