Outside Interest: go all-in for Tommy Tuberville with 2 ads

Image Source: Tuberville campaign website, Club for Growth, GRIT Pac.

They say all politics is local but the US Senate race has drawn the interest of several outside groups. Below are 2 ads both intended to help Tommy Tuberville.

The Club for Growth said in a press release announcing their ad, “Club for Growth Action will run a television advertisement highlighting Rep. Bradley Byrne’s record of sending American tax-dollars overseas and his support of special interests as he runs in the Alabama Senate Republican primary.”

“Bradley Byrne is a big-spending Republican who works for special interests instead of what’s good for Alabama voters. Alabama needs a real conservative in the Senate who will support President Trump and his agenda, and that’s not Byrne but it could be someone like Tommy Tuberville,” said Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh.

GRITPAC announced their new media buy in the Alabama Senate race in a press release, syaing, “The group’s sole priority is the election of Tommy Tuberville for U.S. Senate. While voters prefer an outsider candidate like Coach Tuberville, establishment candidates like Jeff Sessions and Bradley Byrne get establishment resources. “

“For far too long Washington, D.C. has been full of politicians climbing the political ladder on the backs of Alabamians. Jeff Sessions betrayed President Trump and started the witch hunt impeachment hoax for Nancy Pelosi. And Bradley Byrne didn’t even want President Trump in the White House to begin with. Both Byrne and Sessions are Republicans-In-Name-Only who, like Mitt Romney, will turn their backs on President Trump for political convenience when the going gets tough. Alabama needs a true conservative who will put country over politics every day and who won’t be afraid to fight tough and stand with Trump.”