New $500 million coal mine in Alabama will create 350 jobs

Warrior Met Coal
[Photo Credit: Warrior Met Coal]

A new coal mine is planned in west Alabama after a county approved more than $26 million in tax breaks for the project, officials said.

The Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority provided the abatements Wednesday for Warrior Met Coal Inc., which is planning a $500 million project that will create about 350 jobs in the area.

A statement from the authority said work is supposed to begin on March 1, with production set to start in early 2025. Average starting salaries for miners will be around $85,000 annually, the authority said.

The company will get about $18 million in tax breaks during construction and another $8.5 million in abatements over a decade, according to a breakdown provided by the agency. The company is still expected to pay some $61 million in taxes over 20 years.

Located in Brookwood, Warrior uses underground, long-wall mining to extract coal used in steel production in Europe, South America and Asia.

Republished with the Permission of the Associated Press.