The joke’s on us. ‘Republican’ candidate scores big bucks with liberal environmentalist

Robin Litaker
[Photo Credit: Elect Robin Litaker Alabama Public Service Commission | public Facebook profile]

Republican voters in Alabama: I have a simple riddle for you.

What does Robin Litaker, a “Republican” candidate have in common with those who have made the following statements?

  • “The Alabama Republican Party has lost their damn minds…”
  • “ICE raids beginning tomorrow. Because polls show Trump losing to Dem front-runners. He needs to fire up his base, and must pander to Racist Bigots of Amerikka.”
  • “Vote Democrat!” 
  • “We’re just 7 days away, Alabama, from electing a wonderful man and my dear friend. Help me this week in making sure Doug Jones makes it over the finish line!”

Oh wait, that’s right, Litaker’s biggest financial supporter — the extremely liberal environmentalist, Nelson Brooke — also donated to each of the individuals quoted above. Read those quotes again. And again.

Since 2013, Brooke has donated a total of $43,000 to 17 Alabama candidates.

16 of them, Democrats. You read that correctly, among Robin’s Nelson-financed counterparts are Trump-hating, Republican-bashing, pro-choice, pro-amnesty, anti-coal candidates. 16 out of 17 contributions went to these folks and then the last donation Brooke’s has made… want to guess who that went to? That’s right, Litaker.

Think about that for a moment. An environmentalists who backs some of the farthest left candidates our state has seen in recent years is now bankrolling a “Republican.”

Robin raised a total of $17,765 (taking out the money she’s given her own campaign). Of that, $10,000 came directly from Brooke. 

Why? Why would he do that? Did his tastes in candidates finally evolve? Or does he know something we don’t know? 

I started this post with a riddle but maybe, just maybe what’s happening is the joke is on all of those supporting this so-called “Republican.” 

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of things Brooke-backed candidates have said in the past?

Here is the list of all candidates and contributions made: