Constitutional Carry bill passes Senate Committee

Second Amendment guns

A bill that would make it legal for Alabama residents to carry a firearm without a permit to conceal carry passed Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee on a 6-4 vote Thursday morning.

Tuscaloosa-Republican Sen. Gerald Allen pre-filed SB 1 on Oct. 1. State law currently allows residents 19 or older to apply for permits at the county level. Under the proposed law, anyone who is legally allowed to own a gun could carry it concealed without a state-issued license. However, gun owners would still be restricted from bringing weapons to certain places already prohibited by state and federal law.

Who voted for/against SB1:

  • Attmore-Republican Sen. Greg Albritton: FOR
  • Montgomery-Republican Sen. Will Barfoot: FOR
  • Huntsville-Republican Sen. Sam Givhan: FOR
  • Birmingham-Democrat Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison,: AGAINST
  • Decatur-Republican Sen. Arthur Orr: FOR
  • Selma-Democrat Sen. Malika Sanders-Fortier: AGAINST
  • Greensboro-Democrat Sen. Bobby Singleton: AGAINST
  • Sheffield-Republican Sen. Larry Stutts: FOR
  • Alabaster-Republican Sen. Cam Ward: FOR
  • Auburn-Republican Sen. Tom Whatley: AGAINST

The bill now heads to the full Senate for a vote.