Doug Jones’ first ad: We cannot let this moment pass


As reported by Politico, Doug Jones has released his first TV ad. The 30-second video addresses George Floyd and racial justice. The Democrat Senator is in what many predict will be a tight race with Tommy Tuberville, the likely GOP candidate. 

Script“As he lay dying, George Floyd cried for his mama and pleaded for his life: ‘I can’t breathe.’ As we witnessed his death together, the world changed. Across Alabama, folks are struggling with seeing this injustice and inequality and wanting to see that end. We cannot let this moment pass. The road to racial justice has taken far too long — but it’s a journey that we must make, and we must make it together. Come join me. I’m Doug Jones and I approve this message.”

According to a recent poll, Tuberville would beat Jones by 14 points, as opposed to a Doug Jones/Jeff Sessions run off with Sessions only winning by 10 points. According to the Cygnal poll, “When put up against Jones and an independent candidate, Tuberville does particularly better than Sessions with independent voters, medium-income voters, and college-educated voters. In fact, Sessions is 1 point behind Jones in the Birmingham media market, whereas Tuberville is ahead of Jones in all media markets.”

The Alabama Republican primary runoff is on July 14th, 2020.