Inaugural Black Restaurant Week campaign starts in Alabama this week

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Black Restaurant Week, LLC will host its inaugural campaign in Alabama from Friday, December 11 to Sunday, December 20. Founded in 2016 by founder Warren Luckett and co-founders Falayn Ferrell and Derek Robinson, Black Restaurant Week began with a one-city food experience in Houston, Texas. To date, the culinary experience has expanded to eleven markets with involvement from 400 minority businesses and professionals nationwide. 

According to their website, the group is, “dedicated to celebrating the flavors of African-American, African, and Caribbean cuisine nationwide. Through a series of events and promotional campaigns, Black Restaurant Week’s culinary initiatives help introduce culinary businesses and culinary professionals to the community.”

Since 2015, Black Restaurant Week has developed its multi-city culinary movement of community and culture as it relates to supporting black-owned businesses and talent within the food and beverage industries. During Black Restaurant Week in Alabama, foodies, culinary influencers, locals, and guests will be treated to prix fixe brunch, lunch, and dinner menus at participating restaurants within the area. Black Restaurant Week’s impact on the Black culinary community in 2019 included a 25-40% increase in revenue for participating restaurants during each local celebration.

This year, in a time of financial uncertainty and with the unfortunate escalation of racial injustice incidents, Black Restaurant Week has waived the financial participation fee for all restaurants. Alabama is recognized as a leading culinary destination; with flavors from the African diaspora making a significant contribution to the local food scene.  On behalf of local restaurant owners, executive chefs, and catering companies, Black Restaurant Week savors every moment in highlighting each participant’s legacy.

“Supporting the entire culinary industry, from farm to table, is necessary for providing more opportunities for the whole community to thrive,” Luckett stated. “From the increased exposure for black-owned restaurants on our new national website to the professional business guidance gained from the educational events, Black Restaurant Week helps businesses expand its customer base and receive resources for ongoing success.”

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