Kay Ivey signs three bills into law

AL Governor Kay Ivey COURTESY: AL Governor's Office Website

Gov. Kay Ivey has been busy today, signing three bills into law: Senate Bill 193, House Bill 437, and Senate Bill 388.

Senate Bill 193 includes supplemental appropriations from the Education Trust Fund Advancement and Technology Fund to various school systems, colleges, and universities, as well as other entities.

Regarding Bill 193, Ivey stated, “Investing in Alabama’s students in a productive way is investing in our future. It is critical, now more than ever, to find ways to improve our students’ learning journeys, and I am proud to officially put pen to paper on Senate Bill 193 to put funds into much-needed projects in our schools. As long as I am your governor, putting a greater emphasis on our schools will be a top priority.” 

House Bill 437, the wine shipment bill, sponsored by Rep. Terri Collins, was passed as well. This bill allows wine manufacturers to ship wine directly to Alabama residents.

The bill states, “Under existing law, a producer of alcoholic beverages may only sell its product to distributors or wholesalers, or directly to consumers in limited quantities at its licensed premises. This bill would allow a licensed wine manufacturer to obtain a wine direct shipper permit from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to allow the permittee to ship limited quantities of table wine directly to Alabama residents who are at least 21 years of age for their personal use.”

Kay Ivey stated, “I want to first thank Representative Terri Collins for putting this legislation forward because it is certainly something the people of Alabama want available to them. Thank you to all involved in putting together a good, clean bill. We are moving Alabama with the times, and I am proud to officially make the wine shipment bill law.” 

Finally, Ivey also signed Senate Bill 388, the Daylight Savings Bill, into law. The bill, sponsored by Steve Livingston, adopts Daylight Savings Time statewide if Congress amends Federal law to allow it.

Ivey commented on Twitter, “Today I signed: SB193- This includes supplemental appropriates from the ETF Advancement & Technology Fund to various entities. HB437- the wine shipment bill. SB 388- the Daylight Savings Bill.”