Jerry Carl introduces legislation to address border crisis

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Rep. Jerry Carl has introduced legislation to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act. Specifically, Carl wants to amend certain asylum application procedures.

H.R. 5969 – the Border Security Act is National Security Act of 2021 would direct the Attorney General to appoint or hire 200 immigration judge teams to serve in a court in the Southern District of Texas, Southern District of California, Western District of Texas, District of Arizona, or the District of New Mexico. The legislation would require asylum seekers to make claims at a port of entry rather than anywhere along the border.

In an op-ed for Yellowhammer News, Carl discussed the new legislation. Carl stated, “These judges would significantly speed up the process of asylum applications so we can quickly and effectively separate the good folks with a legitimate asylum claim from the criminals, drug traffickers, and any others looking to abuse the system. I’m proud of this legislation, and I know this is one way to significantly improve our broken immigration system.”

In a press release, Carl stated, “Every month since taking office, President Biden has made the crisis at our southern border worse. This year alone more than 1.6 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border, and many of them are being permanently released into the United States without us having any idea who they are or where they are going.

“I’m proud to introduce legislation to address this issue by beefing up our court systems so we can quickly identify and remove criminals and drug traffickers who are attempting to abuse our asylum-seeking process. Border security is national security, and I’m committed to doing all I can to ensure we are protecting the safety and security of Americans all across this country.”